Monday, December 21, 2009

The Importance of Planning EVERY step!

One last (and fun) note to leave you with for the day:

Regardless of what you're planning, it's important to think about every step, from the time you leave, to the event, to the process of getting home.

This weekend, I was at a holiday party with a bunch of close friends. Due to the massive snowstorm that hit the Northeast, we decided it would be best to get snowed in together, have a sleepover and go home in the morning. We all bring enough sleeping materials so we all have a bed, pillow, blankets, etc.

The next morning we wake up to about a foot of snow. As we make the trek out to the cars to pack them up and help shovel, I sit there while putting on my boots while a close friend screams, "I can't believe I didn't bring boots! I only have my slip on clogs!"

Needless to say, she had cold and wet feet, and drove home that day with mittens on her feet.

In summary, make sure to plan every detail--not only an established event needs planning! If you're expecting snow, make sure to have boots, a shovel and a snow-brush!

Eventfully Your's,

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