Friday, December 18, 2009

Riverside Farm

I want to start my blogging with a venue that I fell in love with.

Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont. If you're looking for a wedding venue or a party venue--this is the place. Until I saw this, I had never thought about a Vermont wedding. But when I think Vermont, Riverside Farm is my exact depiction. It has that calm, country feel to it, but is still elegant as ever. It's a different kind of exotic, and a nice change of pace from the typical wedding.

Growing up, I also considered a wedding a one-day event. Yeah, you had your rehearsal dinner and all the other fun parties that go along with a wedding. Riverside Farm describes the idea of a three-day celebration--rehearsal dinner the night before, the wedding and reception, and a farewell brunch the following morning. For those couples needing to spend the night somewhere before heading off to their honeymoon, this is the perfect way to spend even more time with your friends and family, that traveled out to Pittsfield, VT to spend the best day of your life with you.

Another great thing about a Vermont wedding is the versatility to have the wedding in any type of weather, and having it still look great--a winter wedding with snow-capped mountains in the background, a spring wedding with all the new flowers, a summer wedding however you dream, or a fall wedding with the gorgeous VT foliage setting the mood.

Now, being a country girl myself (although growing up in the Northshore...yeah, I don't get it either) I think this place is ideal for that type of atmosphere. The function halls are fully restored barns, located on acres of green meadows. Check out their website (given above) and check out the pictures. It's just breathtaking.

Never having been myself, and only being 22 and single, I'm not ready to look for my wedding venue anytime soon. I'm also not qualified to give my "thumbs up" for this venue, but they have a great referrals page, which I urge you to check out if this sounds like something that might be of interest to you. They also have their own preferred vendors page for vendors in the area, so if you're traveling from afar to have your wedding here, they already have some great people picked out to help you make the best day ever!

Do you know anyone that owns a venue? A florist? A catering company? Decor company? Let me know! I'd love to do some research and write my next blog about them!

Eventfully Your's,

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