Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Boston Wine Expo

The 19th Annual Boston Wine Expo is happening this weekend (Jan 23rd and 24th) at the Seaport World Trade Center! Tickets are $95 but rumor has it if you volunteer on Saturday, you get free admission on Sunday! With admission price you receive a souvenir wine glass, an exhibitor magazine, access to wine samples from over 400 wine producers, live cooking demonstrations, as well as meet & greets with wine makers!

This is the largest trade and consumer wine event in the country--man, would I like to be a part of that! This isn't just a wine tasting either, like I originally thought it was. After looking through the website, this really is a full day of learning all about wine. They have a keynote speaker for the day, as well as seminars, all on wine (however, the seminars are an extra fee).

Not only is this a fun event, but its also a fund-raising event (which is what I think I ultimately want to do with my life--but who knows). Over $700,000 has been distributed by the Boston Guild of Oenophilists, Inc, to over 27 charitable organizations since this event began 19 years ago, benefiting summer camps, the homeless, veterans and cancer research.

Anyone go to the Beer Festival last weekend and have comments on that? Anyone attending both and willing to offer comparisons between the two?

Also, this weekend the Seaport Hotel is offering special prices for those attending the wine tasting, so as always, please make sure to drink responsibly. If you end up driving in and find you can't drive home, check out Boston's Designated Driver.

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