Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Amanda Geiger

This past Friday night, two of my close friends finally tied the knot! It was a beautiful ceremony and reception, and as always, of course I have comments about it :)

The ceremony took place at St. Rose of Lima parish in Topsfield, MA. It was a gorgeous day, and the church was very elegant and quaint. The ceremony consisted of two readings done by close friends, a lighting of a candle, and the vows. It was short and sweet (which is good for someone like me, who sadly hasn't been inside a church for far too long). We all mingled after the ceremony for a bit to enjoy the nice weather and congratulate the couple, but the wedding party had to head out for pictures at the reception hall - Spinelli's.

Now, since I've worked at Danversport Yacht Club (like I have mentioned so many times before) for over 7 and a half years now, I clearly have a bias to functions there. Spinelli's, however, did a wonderful job. There was no welcome upon entering, but there was a clear sign as to where the Geiger function was being held. Before walking in was the table with place cards and the guest book, which was nice to have it off of the dance floor to start (leaving more room for the cheese & cracker display).

There were about 16 tables and a DJ with a projector screen for a slide show--the layout of the room, however, prevented about 4 tables from being able to sit and enjoy the show. They either had to strain to see or stand for the 10 minute long slide show. The cheese & cracker display was in the center of the dance floor, per usual. Something interested about this, however, is this is something the most vegetarians would look forward to--enjoy a little veggies and dip along with their crackers. This dip (whatever it was) was made with bacon and clams, much to the disappointment of the people on both sides of me, who happen to be vegetarians.

There were two other hurdlers Spinelli's will need to win me over with next time I am there. The first one being that my table (which was in the back, near the DJ), was only approached with hot hors d'oeuvres once throughout the cocktail hour (which were bacon wrapped in scallops, something else the vegetarians couldn't enjoy). This was disappointing, as it was around 7:30pm by this time and we were all getting pretty hungry. The one other criticism I have is that our table also was not approached with champagne for the toast--we had to approach two waitstaff to make sure we got it in time for the toast. Now, I know we're a table of young people, but if you see us with drinks anyways, ID us! (Or try to give us ginger ale, we'll tell you then...)

After that chaos, the party was on! We were served Caesar Salad with very hot rolls, and then it was a buffet dinner. They served pasta with marinara, tortellini alfredo, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, chicken with some sort of cream sauce, seafood newberg (yum!) and some sort of stuffed beef. The food was I thought delicious (although a friend commented too salty?)

Oh yeah, and I can't forget the open bar, which was a plus. And the bar staff was so friendly, and even made a special drink or two for us throughout the night. Some of the group even started referring to them by their first names

And then for the dancing. The DJ was great! (Amanda, Brian--which company was it?) I wish I could remember their names but I'll find out for you. The MC did a great job of announcing everyone in, getting the crowd involved and playing the right music to keep everyone on the dance floor ("Single Ladies" and "Paradise" being group favorites).

Overall, Spinelli's did a wonderful job as a venue, and it looked like happy couple had a great area for their pictures. I would definitely recommend having a function at Spinelli's, but maybe a smaller/low key one, where the waitstaff will pay more attention to the guests.

Now, Amanda & Brian--this has nothing to do with your wedding. I know I can speak for the crowd (at least OUR crowd) that we had some of the most fun we've had in a while. We are all so happy for you, and thrilled that you FINALLY get to start your lives together. You both looked wonderful, and the speeches your best man and maid of honor gave were so heartfelt and true. I wish you both the best of luck, and congratulations! I love you both!

Eventfully Yours,


  1. Interesting, the cocktail hour was in the main dining room?

  2. yes! The way the venue was set-up, if they didn't rent another room the cocktail hour had to be in the main dining room