Friday, April 15, 2011

Seating Plans - Open or Assigned?

I just heard an interesting tidbit of someone who is having an open seating plan at their wedding. I'm curious to know your thoughts on this. If you don't do a seating plan, you can't have fun name cards like this one:

Good Things: Paper-Boat Place Card

Sure, there are some events that name cards aren't appropriate for, but for some I think there are.

So, what do you think? No place cards at a wedding...good idea, or maybe not such a good idea?

Eventfully Yours,


  1. I think that you could still do place cards without numbers assigned to them. That way you still can make fun little ones like the picture above, but let people pick their seats. Having been to more than 200 weddings as a photographer, I know many people would rather choose who they sit with than be forced to sit with people they don't know / like :)

    Cute blog btw! If you ever need guest posts written let me know...I have a lot of experience in the wedding world.


  2. If guests are sitting at random,one has to know that the group having pre-dinner cocktails who are having SUCH a good time reuniting/binding, are NOT going to be happy when they are forced to split up: And that ALWAYS happens because they are the last ones to go into dinner!

    On the other had, if you are balancing the tables and pre-planning your seating, one small last minute cancellation will throw things annoyingly out of whack! Especially if the table numbers are inscribed INSIDE the place cards (displayed, for example on a message board, or at the pre-reception or registration table...)Things to contemplate!.