Friday, May 13, 2011

5 Minutes of Fame

I know I've continually promised a post about the Royal Wedding. Although I still fully intend to write one, I'm still working out what I want to discuss - between the dress, the hats, the cake, the ceremony and everything else, I'm not sure where to start! In the meantime, and in the interest of international weddings, I thought I'd talk about the wedding traditions of a different country - Turkey (and of course per usual, relate it to the good old USA).

A good friend of mine from Sweden, who I addressed in a blog post before (see Sweden's Student Council's Central Organization) sent me a note the other day with a tradition of Turkey that I thought was quite interesting to share. Maybe it's more common than I am aware of (with the popularity of Skype now-a-days) but it is popular amongst the Turkish people to broadcast their wedding on television! Talk about getting your 5 minutes of fame (I'm also curious to see how the station uses their rating results...)! With the help of DungunTV, family and friends from all over the world can celebrate someone's marriage just by turning on their television. Weird part is that ANYONE can watch it because its a live broadcast...not just those who are "invited" to tune in.

Personally I'm surprised this hasn't become more popular in the United States. With people moving out of their hometown and the corporate world taking over lives, you'd think that televising or streaming a wedding would be the new wave of weddings. With the popularity and easiness of Skype (not to mention the fact that setting up the stream is FREE), it seems like a way to make everyone feel like they're included.

This could be an interesting new option for people to take into consideration...those that can't afford to fly in, or even those too sick to travel, can still be part of your experience with this technology. Would you ever consider using something like Skype to include everyone in your wedding? Or even a baptism or graduation?

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