Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Real Reasons for Bridesmaids

So, remember how after the Royal Wedding there was BIG buzz about Pippa Middleton? That she looked so beautiful in her (nearly) white dress, and the debate about whether or not she took attention away from Kate? In case you forgot the dresses of the day, see the images below to jog your memory:

Now I know a lot of us ladies have a notion of what our jobs would be should we ever become a bridesmaid for a sister, sister-in-law or a friend. My thought is that we are essentially at their beck-and-call, right? WRONG.

Back in the old days, bridesmaids were to wear a dress similar to that of the bride, just as Pippa did. Although I'm sure she did it for a different reason, but the purpose of the bridesmaids wearing a similar dress to that of the bride so that on their group stroll into the church, they would distract and ex-lovers or ill-spirited attendees from actually figuring out which one was the bride! (This can be compared, too, to the men in their penguin suits).

So ladies, that dress you think you'll never wear again ACTUALLY does come in handy. 

And to my dear friend Brittany, whose wedding I will be a bridesmaid for next summer - don't worry. I'll make sure to ward off any and all ex-lovers of yours on your big day :) (And you can read about HER wedding planning and all the excitement of her MrsMassMusings life here!)

Eventfully Yours,

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