Saturday, September 11, 2010

Business Trip #1

So in case you haven't heard, I have a new job! I am now the North America Campaign Manager for ORSYP Software, Inc. This job is going to have a heavy focus on events, so I am thrilled. There are a lot of events in the works already, all over the world.

(This was written on 9/11/2010)
Right now, I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight for my first business Paris, France! I'll arrive early tomorrow (Sunday) morning and have the day to sight-see, but starting Monday it is three full days of training. Even though it's training, it should be fun. I've been working with ORSYP for a week now, so I'm excited to meet everyone else and learn more about the company.

As soon as we get home from Paris, we leave for Detriot. Later in September and early October, there are a few events in Canada to attend, so I'll be there for about a week and a half. In November there is an event & a meeting in London, and in December I'll be in Orlando for a week!

Things are really off into the right direction - I'll have much more to tell you about when I get home from Paris! Au revoir!

Eventfully Yours,

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