Friday, September 24, 2010

Calling all Service-Learning Alumni!

If you know me/knew me in college, you know that when I wasn't in class, I was either in the Service-Learning Office on campus, or on-site at one of my projects. The Bentley Service-Learning Center was a second home to me, and I will promote it as long as I can.

I have been working closely with a bunch of service-learning alumni recently to put together a few things - a mentoring project as well as a reunion event. I have, of course, volunteered to help out with the reunion event. Planning something that's going to help me see some of my closest friends? You can count me in, and here is part of my "promotion".

We are holding the event on November 13th, starting at 7pm, in the Bentley pub on campus in the Student Center. For those traveling to attend, we are also working on putting together a service project during the day to make you trip extra worth-while. Details on that are TBD.

The night will consist of mingling with former classmates, as well as networking with some you may have not met. We'll also be gathering information here for our mentoring project, so we're hoping this will help get that off to a running start as well. It's not going to anything formal - we want people to get together and have a good time in a familiar setting.

As more information becomes available, I'll make sure to post it. In the meantime, be on the lookout for a survey from the Alumni Team! We're trying to gauge your interest so please respond and help us make this something you and everyone else wants to come to!

Eventfully Yours,

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