Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coast Coal Harbor Hotel - Vancouver, BC

Slowly but surely, I'm getting to these blog posts. I promised 3 hotel reviews from my Canada trip - here is number 2.

The Coast Coal Harbor Hotel is where I stayed for session 2 of the iTech Summit in Vancouver, BC. Perhaps I'm biased because of how much I fell in love with Vancouver - or maybe the hotel was really just that nice. I have some picture, and you can check out the website and make your own assumption.

This picture above isn't an actual picture of my hotel room - but it is the view I had for my next three days in Vancouver. The room was beautiful, and I was lucky enough to have a corner room to add to the luxury. This room easily could have slept 8 comfortably. The furniture was very modern (unlike hotel review 1 below, where everything was old fashioned) so it was a nice change of atmosphere. I took this following picture from the website, but it is a very good example of my exact room.

This hotel was in a great spot in the city, too. It was right down the street from the Vancouver Convention Center, where the iTech Summit was being held. It was a few blocks away from the main shopping streets of Vancouver, a few blocks from a bunch of great restaurants, and a nice walk to the ocean and the beach. Seeing it was my first time traveling to the West Coast, this was a priority on my list.

The restaurant inside the hotel was great, too. I only had breakfast there, but the food had some great presentations to it, and actually tasted good (I've found that a lot of places that put effort into the presentation sometimes lack in actual taste) so that was an added bonus.

The only complaint I have of this hotel is the wake-up call I received the first morning I was there...that I didn't schedule. Seems like they didn't erase it from the last person that stayed in the room, and I got a 6am wake-up call instead of an 8am...the front desk was extremely apologetic and took care of it, but it was a little bit of a downer. Other than that - I would stay at this hotel again given the chance.

Because I loved Vancouver so much, here are some photos to leave you with.

The nighttime Vancouver skyline

The beautiful West Coast Sunset
(my first one!)

Where the 2010 Winter Olympic Torch was held

Fog over the water first thing in the morning

Eventfully Yours,

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