Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Westin Ottawa Hotel

I know, I know. I've been slacking a little bit. My travel schedule has been a bit crazy, and finding the time and energy at the end of the day/week to sit back, relax and blog has seemed to disappear somehow. I'm currently sitting at the airport in Orlando, FL waiting for my delayed flight to take off, so figured this would be the perfect time to catch up.

I promised you a series of posts regarding the hotels I stayed at during my two week stint in Canada (and boy, do I have lots to tell since then!) This is the third and final hotel post of my time in Canada.

I got to spend a little bit of time in Ottawa, Canada, exploring and relaxing. My coworkers that were attending were not spending the nights at the hotel, so I had quite a bit of time to myself to roam. Ottawa was an adorable little city that reminded me quite a bit of Boston.

The Westin Hotel, wherever you go, is always one to mention. I have never had any dissatisfaction after a stay at the Westin. Everything is so clean, and so white and fresh. They have great programs not only for the planet (green initiatives with the laundry) but they also have programs for YOU with their "SuperFoods" meals. It's a nice little touch they have.

The exterior view

More or less my hotel room

This Westin was also in a good location - right downtown. Granted, the town isn't very big, but it was nice to be within walking distance to restaurants and some shops. Actually, this Westin was right inside of a mall, so that was nice and convenient as well.

Great conference facility - it was huge! I attended for the GTEC TradeShow - Canada's Government Technology Event. There were about 4,000 people that attended, all well accommodated and the show was a success.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about my stay here. I slept very comfortably, and they did a great job hosting the conference I was at. Someone spilled my $15 lunch all over our booth and proceeded to walk away without an apology. Not even 5 minutes later, one of the staff members brought me a boxed lunch because she had seen what happened. It's little things like that which will leave a good memory with people as they walk out the front doors.

I had dinner at a great little Italian place my first night there - kind of reminds me of Boston.

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