Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Even though I've stayed in more than my fair share of hotels the past few months, it's time to move on from hotel reviews to something much more fun - weddings.

Back on August 14, two of my best friends, Paul & Caitlin, finally tied the knot at the beautiful Castleton. They had an absolutely perfect day. The weather was unbelievable - not too hot, and definitely not chilly, without a cloud in the sky. The had a great blended Jewish/Catholic wedding and the ceremony was prefect - short, sweet, and to the point. How picture perfect is this?

Yes - that is a real photo of a real wedding. Gorgeous. There are three different areas at Castleton to have a ceremony at - Caitlin & Paul chose the Garden Area for a nice, intimate ceremony. The entrance of the bridal party was perfect

Castleton was so beautiful, that even the guests wanted to get in on some picturesque photos.

After working at a wedding venue for the past 8 years, there was one little touch that Castleton added that I thought was great. Not only was their waitstaff very, very professional - but so was their table setup. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it. But all of their plates had their name on it, which can be a dangerous move if your waitstaff doesn't really care. Every place setting that I looked at had "Castleton" perfectly at the top - no sloppiness whatsoever! I was very impressed, because I know at my restaurant, this definitely wouldn't have happened.

So per usual, it started with a cocktail hour while the bridal party took their photos together. Appetizers, drinks, and what made it great was that it was all outside. It was nice to be able to enjoy such great weather before the party was brought indoors.

Dinner was pretty good as well. It began after a few toasts from the family members, but they were all kept short and they were so well written and presented (maybe I'm biased because of my relationship with the bride and groom?) After dinner, the party really got going - unfortunately, the bride & groom put "Party in the USA" on the do not play list, so we had to do without that song.

Paul & Caitlin sure do know how to throw a party. I speak on behalf of all of our friends - we wish you both the best, and are so beyond happy for the two of you. Mazel tov!

Eventfully Yours,

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  1. This kid vouches for you - most beautiful wedding I've ever been to! Thanks for the visual plug via photograph too - a gorgeous picture with who I must say...are three pretty smashing ladies :)