Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well Played, Twitter

So this post isn't going to have anything to do with events - but I thought it was worthwhile to point out.

I have fallen into the Twitter craze. I have an account, I "tweet", I watch what other people are "tweeting" about, etc (in case you're in the Twitter craze, too, you can follow me personally @MegRae09 or professionally @eventfully_YOU, just to let you know).

Last week, I was on, and was a little taken aback when I saw one of the latest news stories was about Miley Cyrus' new tattoo. How does that make headlines on CNN? Since I follow CNN on Twitter, and because my disbelief for this wasn't Facebook appropriate, I figured, why not "tweet" about it, and even use a hash tag? My exact tweet was:
As you can see, Miley Cyrus wasn't my hash tag - disappointing was.

About 45 seconds later, I get an e-mail from Twitter that I have saved to this day. It was a generic auto-generated e-mail, letting me know that someone was following me. But tell me this in particular wouldn't catch your eye?

"Christ is now following you on Twitter!"

I'm sorry - what? But now, I have the option to do a few of the following:
1) Find out more about Christ.
2) Send Christ an @ reply
3) Send Christ a direct message

It's also kind enough to let me know that I do not "follow" Christ.

I've always wanted to send Christ a direct message. But I thought that is what praying is for? Christ doesn't seem to have as many followers as I thought he would.

*disclaimer - this Christ is a Miley Cyrus "stalker", if you will. If you have a Twitter account, I challenge you to Tweet something about Miley Cyrus, using her full name, and maybe even a hash tag. I'm very curious to know if this version of Christ starts to follow you, too.

Eventfully Yours,

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