Friday, June 17, 2011

If You Went to Bentley, You've Been to This Place

If you're one of my classmates from Bentley University in Waltham, MA, I'm sure you're familiar with Thursday nights at the Skellig on Moody Street. At least I really hope you are.

I was discussing with some friends last night that apparently the Skellig AND Watch City are closing to build some more apartment/condo housing (like Waltham really needs more people). I'm not sure when it's closing, but we discussed having a "last hurrah" of sorts when we find out. Poor Bentley Freshman won't know what they're missing, so we'll arrange something via Facebook to get the fans together.

Anyways, the discussion of last night brings me to this blog post. I went on the Skellig website today to see if there was a closing date or any special nights coming up in celebration/mourning (which I didn't find, but will keep you posted on) I learned, though, that they apparently have 80s Night every Friday (which, not gonna lie, I would LOVE to see).

The big kicker though that caught my eye was their WEDDING tab/site...

And I think I'm just going to leave you there, and let you develop your own thoughts on that. Again - if you went to Bentley, chances are you've been to the know what you're dealing with...

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