Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Bridesmaid Dress I'll Actually ENJOY Wearing? I Never Thought I'd See the Day!

So knowing that the Bride-To-Be, Brittany, wrote and posted about the bridesmaids dresses she picked out on her blog, I now know that it's okay for me to talk about them, too.

I've heard plenty of horror stories about terrible bridesmaid dresses - too poofy, too short, awkward colors, too expensive for a one-time wear, etc. Up until last weekend, I'll admit I was a little concerned/curious as to what I'd be wearing at two of my best friends wedding next summer. But I can rest easy - I LOVE what she picked!

Last weekend, I went with Brittany, our friend Lisette, Brittany's sister Kaitlyn (maid of honor) and Brittany's mother, to go try on our bridesmaid dresses and see what we liked. Brittany had been earlier in the week with Brian's sister, Ali (maid of honor) to go pick out some styles and some colors so that we weren't going into our fitting blind. They picked out a beautiful blue color in a couple of different styles, and Brittany's (original) thought was that as long as we were all in the same color and same fabric, she didn't care what style of dress we were. After seeing the different styles, Brittany actually changed her mind on that one...and lucky for her (and us!) we all really liked the same style! And I'm super excited also, because the dress is my absolute favorite color...

The dresses for the maids of honor are a little bit different, to have them stand out a bit. Same style, but has a nice pattern to it (and still matches color scheme)...

Needless to say, I am SO pleased by her choice of dress style and color. My dress will arrive in August...the hardest part for me might actually be waiting until next June to wear it!

Eventfully Yours,

P.S. - Dresses from David's Bridal

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  1. I'm so glad you like them as much as I do! I honestly think I like them so much, I might get myself one to wear after the "big day" to a fancy dinner on our honeymoon or something. Adorable, reasonable priced, and comfy - how much better can it get!?